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How a 20 minute JAM can change your life

You’ve been led to believe a bunch of 🎯💩 your whole life.

I’m going to try to break this to you as gently as possible...luckily, it won’t hurt, but instead it will make you feel better!

(Now, that’s my kinda news! 😆)

Ok, here goes….

“No Pain, No Gain” is not true. In fact, I’ve done just the opposite and helped so many others do the same and we are thriving!

Wanna know more?

I’ve found that things that are done out of obligation that seem like painful, dreaded, burdensome, chores are most often avoided entirely ❌

If they aren’t avoided, they’re most likely done begrudgingly whilst going through the motions.

Can you relate?

Well, life is too dang short to not enjoy everything you’re doing!

A while back I was totally thinking that I needed to tone up and get super in shape and that a gym membership was what I needed.

Let me tell you, that lasted all of about a week.

I started out strong, but quickly realized I couldn’t stand it. While some people may enjoy running in place like a hamster or using the hip abductor machine like your life’s goal is to be able to defend yourself by crushing anyone that came near you like a nutcracker with your thighs, I easily became bored with these contraptions and my motives..

It was like there were 2 of me - my moral fiber with good intentions on the outside that was dragging other resistant a$$ body to a torture chamber that smelled like a football players jock strap that had never been washed ( I’ve never actually smelled one of those, but you get where I’m going with that)

So I went for a week and that fizzled out. Oddly enough, I kept paying for the membership for a full year thinking that I’d go back for another round of self-inflicted torment. So, that was a waste of money. I’ll never do that again.

Have you ever wasted money on less than exciting workouts, memberships, machines, or magazines that just make you feel bad about yourself?

Join the old club 😒

Now, I’m inviting you to my brand new club that I think you’re going to be so stoked about!

My club is focused on having fun, being silly, and feeling all of your emotions and navigating them through movement.

Not boring, painful, awful movement you can’t stand, but movement you actually enjoy, to songs you love, with nonstop party vibes.

It’s a club where you get to let loose and experience yourself to the MAX, fall deeper in love with your awesome self and build the confidence to take control of your life and get out of it everything you desire, all while getting in the best shape ever. 🙌

Did you know that less is actually more when it comes to your workout? (Like how you hear about successful people that love their job (or learned to love their job, because if they hated it, they wouldn’t be where they’re at today.)

In the long run, you’ll go farther, do more, and feel better when you’re doing something you love. That includes taking care of your health - I’m talking body, mind and soul.

After a year of wasting money on a gym membership, I finally realized it was time to save my money and do something I enjoyed.

Badabiiing! That is where I found more success than I could have ever imagined.

And I started with just 20 minutes! That was literally all it took for me to break more of a sweat than when I had been bustin’ it at the gym, plus I felt happier afterwards, got in some excellent cardio and noticed myself getting more in shape than I’d been in longer than I’d like to admit.

You may be wondering - Will this actually help me lose weight, tone up, feel comfortable strutting my stuff in my sassy new swimsuit, etc….. ?

I’ve worked with hundreds of people and have seen every one of them reach their goals AND THEN SOME!

What I do notice is that it isn’t usually just the practice on its own, but that the practice positively influences your life. I’m talking about mental health, physical health, and emotional health, and that is HUGE. 😇

My practice makes most people want to eat healthier, be better, and brings more self caring and self loving vibes into their lives.

And for those of you counting your steps - You’ll likely double your daily average. FOR REAL. Your Apple watch won’t know what hit it! ⌚️😯

I’ve never seen 20 minutes of anything transform the people I’ve worked with quite like this.

Are you ready to dive in? Heck yessss you are! Let’s Gooooooo!

Here are a few tips:

👉 Replace any of your existing boring workouts with this 20 minute practice

👉 If you don’t have an existing practice, that’s ok! It’s never too late to start! Try my 20 minute practice by starting small with 2 days a week. You can always add more, but you definitely don’t want to overdo it and wear yourself out - cause that can just set yourself up for failure before you even start.

And if you’re one of those that’s too busy to squeeze in a workout, I’ll bet you can change that 😉

Here’s how:

  • Look at your calendar 👀📅

  • Spot windows where you can squeeze in your 20 minute practice (it’s only 20 minutes - YOU CAN DO IT!) 💪

  • SCHEDULE IT in your calendar 🖊

  • STICK TO IT! 💯

Here’s what I personally use and share with everyone I work with so we can make make some ish happen:

So, you’re officially in the 20 Minute Turn Up Club! Time to celebrate because your life is about to be seriously upgraded. Now, let’s party - 20 minute style!

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