MyMovementality has helped me rediscover myself and the ways my body can move, as well as gain confidence!

Shilo Darrae


I started out with no sense of rhythm, no ability to dance and as a result a severe lack of confidence. I was fortunate enough to find Jordan at MyMovementality to train me for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dance on stage with Shania Twain in Las Vegas. I presented her with a challenge larger than I care to explain due to the real lack of ability to even find the beat when listening to music. Jordan has been patient, eager to teach, and created a comfortable and safe environment for something that made me feel extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable. Had I not found MyMovementality I would not have the confidence to be able to live out this dream. I'm so thankful to Jordan for her tenacity and unwillingness to quit on me even when I made things difficult and wanted to walk away from the challenge altogether. I would say Jordan is also a dance therapist in that I've made incredible leaps and bounds to start to feel confident when presenting the dance and choreography I was taught.. not to mention she is a choreographic genius. Anyone would be lucky to work with her and I couldn't recommend her and her program highly enough.

Matthew Toffler


Erin Wilder

I've had a lifelong battle with stiffness due to a bad back, tilted pelvis, and below average flexibility. Though I was always an athlete, all of my activities were focused on strength and quickness. As I got older, I developed a bad habit of unknowingly straining parts of my body to compensate for my stiffness/inflexibility. Even things like dancing around the house became a challenge.  I became less confident with general movements and it was affecting my other hobbies- like intro ballet and pole fitness.


I initially began seeking lessons with hopes of merely loosening my body to move freely and with more confidence.  From the first time Jordan called to introduce herself, I knew MyMovementality was going to be perfect for me. Jordan is genuinely warm, open-minded, and caring.  All that on top of being a ridiculously talented dancer! She was never aggressive or intimidating, always listening and trying to figure out how best to help me. Through visuals and discussion, she figured out things I could do to improve my overall movement along with stretches that were suited for my back problems. During our time together, life had thrown me a few curveballs.  In quick succession, several things in my personal life unexpectedly changed, and I encountered some, at times, debilitating health problems. Through all my concerns and cancellations, she remained in touch and would schedule a lesson whenever I was well enough to participate. During lessons she was always understanding of what I was going through and continued to help me advance even through several setbacks. Jordan continues to be incredibly patient and supportive, even as my life has become more chaotic than ever.  Personally, if I had unlimited time I would take her MyMovementality classes everyday..... probably twice a day!

After each lesson, I always leave with a more positive energy and a skip in my step.  It is impossible for me to say enough good things to ever do Jordan & her program justice. She is simply the best!


My name is Karney Okuma and I used to be a competitive dancer.  After I graduated from high school and entered into college, dance started to become an afterthought.  I tried to join dance groups, but ultimately, they ended up becoming a big hinderance to my growth as a college student.  It was difficult walking away from something that has become my safe haven.  I thought I was done dancing forever until Jordan messaged me about her new platform MyMovementality.  This was something that I was looking for especially dealing with my busy schedule and not having the time to go to a studio and take class.  MyMovementality gives people the opportunity to take class online and become inspired in your own home.  Since becoming a part of this community, it has been such a great opportunity to reconnect with my old roots of dance and breaking free from the stressors of life.  I really appreciate this platform because I have always felt seen and worthy of being myself.  Because I came from such an environment where I was consistently judged, it was hard to accept that I was good enough; this even translated throughout my daily life.  Now, I am proud of what I have done and what is yet to come.  


Thank you, Jordan, for your constant support and for inspiring people to move.  For anyone looking for a community that is all about acceptance, you’re in the right place! MyMovementality rocks!!

Karney Okuma

Chuck Tesmer.JPG

My name is Chuck Tesmer. I’m a carpenter and artist.  I live in a very rural part of Arkansas. When I wanted to get support in expanding my ability as a dancer, I was grateful to find MyMovementality, with Jordan's varied experience and ability online.  At 57, I knew it was time to be more committed to what I love and feeds my soul. So It’s been great to get help with expanding my ability in improvisational dance. Jordan’s enthusiasm and support has been a joy.  I would recommend anyone who wants to work with an accomplished dancer and teacher to contact Jordan at MyMovementality. Thank you Jordan. 

Chuck Tesmer


I am a competitive dancer and about to head to college to further my dance education. I first met Jordan through private coaching. She worked one on one with me for months, and I truly believe her teaching has made me a better and smarter dancer. My technique and vocabulary has improved immensely since I started working with Jordan. She has so much knowledge and wants to inspire others. I then joined MyMovementality and started to take her free classes. The first one I took was a class on movement and improvisation. This is an aspect of dance I struggle with. I've lacked the confidence to freestyle. I have never taken a freestyle class like Jordan's before. There was a sense of freedom I felt after learning how to move my body in a way that I feel confident and proud of myself. Through this one class alone, I already feel more confident when I freestyle. It's fun now! 

Delainey Bailey

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