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Jordan Wentz is a divine hype-woman to all those in search of connecting with their inner badass and founder of Beyond Badass Move Maker - The juicy 90 day group + private immersion hybrid program to ditch your self doubt and become that powerful woman who knows her value and ain’t afraid to shake her money maker and command the big bucks! 


Jordan’s coaching transforms lives through movement, mindset, and EPIC dance parties. She's the mentor and personal cheerleader to thousands, helping them get out of their way, own their power, and unleash their confidence so they can live their fiercest, most fulfilled lives.


Jordan's speaking style is real, raw, actionable, and fun AF. She's the embodiment of a free spirited babe and an impactful CEO. Her audience leaves with both notebooks full of strategy, physical practices full of growth, and a renewed sense of self confidence. 

Some of her favorite speaking topics include: Movement - the under prescribed medication that she advocates, the intersection of mental and physical, the importance of embracing all your facets, how to get into an exercise routine you love and can actually stick with, maintaining youthfulness and prolonging your body's physical aging, sustainable exercise techniques, how to shift any mood or emotion, releasing stress and trauma, and original techniques for eliminating fear and maximizing confidence through movement and mindset.

As the creator of Beyond Badass Move Maker, she believes that true freedom is less about how much money you make or what kind of job you have, and more about finding the confidence to fully trust and believe in yourself, so that you can live the life you desire. It's about deciding that YOU ARE ENOUGH and making every single aspect of your life work directly in alignment with that.  She's hosted holistic movement events for global companies like Reebok, been invited as a key speaker to the Creative Healing Summit, Cancer Hope Foundation, and The IDEA Health and Fitness Association.​

For invitations or collaborations, email with the words "COLLAB with Jordan" in the subject line. We can't wait to hear from you!


Jordan Wentz is a professional dancer, leading movement mindset coach, embodiment facilitator, and divine hype-woman who uses her 20 years of performance and mindset experience to help people ditch their self limiting beliefs and find the confidence to live their free-rest most bada$$ lives - and she does it all through EPIC dance parties.


The internationally touring choreographer and film actress began coaching others on the tips and tricks that led to her successful career on stages across the world after overcoming debilitating low self-confidence, herself.  She then founded MyMovementality, a platform for total health and wellness through movement, where she’s helped thousands transform their inhibitions to shine their brightest and live their fullest lives.

Jordan combines her passion for giving back with her movement and mindset coaching to help people gain the trust and belief in themselves they need to unleash their inner rockstar - giving them the tools they need to achieve all their dreams with unwavering authenticity. 

Jordan teaches around the world, turning dreamers into do-ers, and “I love myself”-ers. She has been featured on KROQ Radio and has worked with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Reebok, and the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, helping people find fulfillment through movement and dance. 


Jordan Wentz