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The Lazy Person’s Guide To Movement

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

You SHOULD be lazy.

Yeah, you read right...I’m telling you it’s actually good to be lazy!

Whew! What a sigh of relief, right!?

But how and why would being lazy possibly be good for you when everyone else is telling you otherwise?

Well, it’s important -- actually essential that you chill out from time to time.

Here’s why:

Increased emotional intelligence

Netflix and chillin’ while binge-watching your favorite shows has actually been proven to increase your emotional intelligence. By studying and observing characters and situations, you’re able to be more empathetic, detect others emotions, and boost your creativity.

Did someone say Game of Thrones re-run marathon!? 👑

Less likely to experience burnout

If you’re all work and no play, you will seriously burn out, and fast.

You’re crushing it! Seriously - Just look at all the things you do every day! It’s important you recognize that.

Taking a pause break and allowing yourself to be “lazy” is realistically giving your brain and body a chance to rest.

Without this, you can seriously crash and burn 🤯 and that is not only no bueno, but it can be really challenging to overcome and get back on track. I’ve learned to hard way that:

Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster

So, save yourself the stress, insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite (or way overly increased appetite, like myself), etc, and just give yo self a break yo (with a Kit Kat if you prefer 🍫)!

Improved efficiency

The lazy mind wants to finish the thing so it can get to chillin' out relaxin’ and maxin’ ASAP.

This means that efficiency is maximized and you’re not likely to make mistakes because you won’t want to have to re-do anything because, well that cuts into your much needed R&R 🛀

Work hard 💪. Play harder 🤸‍♂️.

More likely to be well-rested

The benefits of good sleep are countless! From decreased stress, improved memory, greater attention span and less inflammation and more!

Lack of rest, on the other hand, can compromise your immune system and lead to sickness, not to mention anxiety, depression and other awful things that you just don’t have time or energy for in your life.

So hit that snooze button if you feel like you need it - cause you probably do 😴!

You can always skip the shower if you’re short on time (life hack: baby wipes do wonders 🤫)

Waste less time

You get down to business because your time is precious and you ain’t about to waste any of it!

Everything you do has to be worth your time and energy, therefore you’ll choose what you need and want to do wisely, and come up with a schedule that works well for you.

Better focus on long-term goals

You’re 14 times more likely to think about your future and long-term goals when you let your mind wander.

This gives your brain a much needed break from all the focused thinking you’ve been doing and can actually lead to better planning and goal-setting.

Get your goal gazing onnnn! ☁️🌈

As you can see, being lazy at times has it’s perks.

Most importantly, it allows you the rest you need so you can hop back into your life in full force, with the maximum amount of awesomeness!

So allow yourself to kick up those heels and get your couch potato onnn from time to time 🛋🥔

(Remember, everything in moderation!)

Make no mistake - while I am advocating your occasional laziness, I am also telling you…

Don’t make a habit of it!

If you exercise your laziness too often, you’ll start to see and feel your blah factor creep in. That’s when you’ve overdone it.

While your rest is important, it is EQUALLY IMPORTANT to get your move on!

How does the lazy mind get moving?

Ask yourself these 2 questions to light a fire under your a$$:

1) How will I feel AFTER I get up and do some movement? (motivating factor 😇)

2) How will I feel if I DON’T DO IT, and break my promise to myself and once again say no to bettering myself like I always say I'm going to do? (reverse psychology motivating factor 😈)

Without a doubt, these questions always get me out of even my laziest mood when I need it!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the lazy person’s *secret* to getting in shape...

Here it is:


No one wants to pump iron. Everyone wants to party!

And remember, you’re awesome!



PS. I hang here a lot, where you can find lots of live classes & extra content as well as here, where you can get extra support. Come hang out!

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