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30 Minute Fitness Results to get HYPE about

I’m guilty. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson and I’ll never make the same mistake again. 🙈

I’m talking about polluting. Much like myself, many people have no idea...

Did you know that those microfiber towels you use to clean your house (and maybe even your face) are made out of plastic, which is directly contributing to the pollution of our oceans? 😱

I was shocked to learn that my trustee sweat rags were not only made of plastic but also no bueno for the earth. According to

“Plastic particles washed off from products such as synthetic clothes contribute up to 35% of the primary plastic that is polluting our oceans. Every time we do our laundry an average of 9 million microfibers are released into wastewater treatment plants that cannot filter them. Because of that, these fibers end up in the ocean.”

On top of that, we end up eating, drinking, and breathing these microfibers. Can you believe that!?

Not only is that disgusting, but it’s alarming, especially when we’re putting animals as well as our life-sustaining planet at risk. 🙅

Thank goodness there are companies out there actively making a difference and seriously changing things, like FaceSoft Towels. ♻️

I discovered this brand and immediately fell in love with their mission, as well as their products. They make eco friendly and biodegradable towels that are super soft AND are infused with charcoal so they actually detoxify! 🤯

Did I mention they come in pink, teal and purple (the best colors ever!?) 💜🦩🐳

Can you say AHHhhhhmazing!??

I love FaceSoft Towels so much that not only are they the only towels I’ll buy from now on, but I’ve teamed up with them to offer a FREE 30 minute Hip Hop Hype dance class! 🥳

This nonstop dance party will have you droppin’ it low and sweating SO good you’ll never want it to end. I bring ALL the hype with booty bouncin’ tunes, sweet grooves and fancy footwork you won’t wanna miss! 🍑⚡

It’s the best way to exercise and party at the same time! Just be sure to bring your FaceSoft Towel, cause you’re gonna need it! 😅

Don’t have one yet? No worries! FaceSoft Towels and I are hooking it uuuup for you! Click here to get 20% off your order >>

Saving the world through dance parties? Can I get a HECK YESSSSS!?!

Find your movement motivation and feel real momentum with my Journal! Get your FREE copy here>>

Be sure to follow @mymovementality for more awesome dance parties and the best vibez and let me know how hype you were after this class in the comments below.

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