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Why I Stopped Caring What Others Think (and You Should Too!)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Feeling confident in myself and my work took me nearly 3 decades to accomplish, but today I’m sharing with you my tips to do it ASAP, mainly by how to stop caring what others think.

You’re reading this because something is holding you back. I’m going to take a guess here - if you’re like me, it could totally be that you care too much of what everyone else thinks.

Well, CUT IT OUT! 🛑

My life drastically changed when I quit caring what others think. 🤷‍♀️

But up until then, it was like I was seeking outside approval, when really, the only person I needed approval from was myself.

Straight up: If you base your self-worth around what others think of you, you hand all of your power over to others and become dependent on a source outside of yourself for validation. 👎

That means, you have no control over what you’re chasing, and if that falls through, well, let’s just say #midlifecrisis (uh, NO THANK YOU!)

What matters is what’s true to you. Stay connected to that!

Other people’s opinions of you is none of your business 😉

For me, regardless of all the cool stuff I’d done and awesome things I’d accomplished, I still was self conscious and had the most debilitating, limiting beliefs most of my life. That is, until I quit giving a damn what everyone else thought.

When I stopped worrying about the world’s perception of me, I started living my life for myself, and for the first time, felt truly free.

I began to grow as a person and artist, felt confident in who I was and was finally excited to share myself, my ideas and my work with the world.

And lemme tell ya, not only was it about damn time, but WOOOH WAS IT EPIC!!!!!⚡️

You too can feel this free! Here’s how...

How to not care what others think:

1. Ask yourself why? WHY are you doing or saying what you’re doing?

Pay attention to your motivations and be honest with yourself. As long as you’re living your truth and doing so with integrity, you’re crushin’ it!

2. Do your best. When you’re not doing your best, you can’t be confident in yourself. When you’re lacking confidence, that’s when your insecurities creep in. If you give everything 100%, then you can be proud of yourself and your work and say EFF what everyone else thinks!

3. Trust Yo Self! You are intuitive’s time you start listening to yourself! Pause, meditate, and sit with yourself. LISTEN to yourself. You know the way, so go get it!

4. Get your Fangirl on! Find your role model - the one who’s crushing it just like you dream of! The one who inspires you and that you look up to! What are they doing? In moments of uncertainty, ask yourself what your hero might do? Giving no f*cks what others think is a practice that eventually you will master and at that point, you can say thank you and goodbye to your hero. Until then, it’s nice to have them as your sidekick ;p

5. Love YO Self! Because there is only one of you, and you’re the sh*t! 🤎💩🤎

Keep in mind that while it’s silly to base your idea of your worth on what others think, but it is awesome to get feedback and opinions from the ones that matter to you, support you, inspire you, and love you!

Focus on being the most beautiful, authentic, true version of yourself and all else will fall into place 💫

We can’t talk about what others think without talking about the elephant in the room: social media. 📲

This can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on how you use it.

The great thing about it is that you get to cultivate and curate your social world and what you see.

So, quit comparing yourself to others!

Start by unfollowing people that don’t bring you joy or inspire you, but rather make you feel bad about yourself.

Instead, follow people that are doing the coolest stuff that fills you with so much joy and that you’d absolutely love to spend your birthday with!

But the single thing that helped me navigate my confidence the best and quickest of all was DANCE. 💃

Although I’d been dancing most of my life, it was incredibly hard for me to share that part of me because I was terrified I wasn’t ____________.

Basically, I wasn’t ENOUGH.

Well, that’s a crock of sh*t, and I got past that!

When I leaned into what I knew best: DANCE, I noticed the world around me changed in the most positive way.

I myself, was becoming better and I finally felt fulfilled and was proud of what I could do and who I was.

Dance is the #1 thing to fast track your confidence, but it can be hard to do in front of anyone else.

So whether you’re self conscious about your dancing, need help on the dance floor or even struggling to step foot onto the dance floor, I gotchu!

Let me show you 5 reasons why you should “dance like no one is watching” so you can boost your confidence and bust your sweet dance moves without fear!

#1. Nobody Is.

9 times out of 10, everyone is seriously too wrapped up in themselves and what they’re doing and how they look to notice you.

In our heads we have the tendency to create this dialogue that all eyes are on us, when, honestly, probably none of them are!

So relax, and GET IT!

And should someone actually be watching you and saying good things to themselves or their friends about how awesome of a dancer you are - ROCK ON! That’s great.

Keep in mind - haters gon’ hate. There are always people in the world who are insecure and will make others feel better about themselves by putting others down.

THEY are NOT your people. Pay NO MIND to them.

You do YOU, boo, and as long as you’re living your truth and living with integrity, you are unstoppable! 💯

#2 You’re dancing for YOU

If you spend your life worrying about what other people think of you, you’re never going to fully be able to enjoy life for yourself

The moment you let go of what others think about you, is the moment that you start living your life for YOU.

When you’re open to you, you begin to flourish and you step into your power, own it and ROCK THAT SH*T!

Live your truth, reach for your dreams and do so by being your most beautiful self. Then, all will begin to feel right.

#3 You’ll have more fun!

I firmly believe that there’s a way to enjoy everything in life. And if you can’t enjoy it, it doesn’t belong in your life.

When you dance like no one is watching and really enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll have more fun, plus you’ll improve in your abilities, confidence, social skills and so much more!

Focus on FEELING what you’re doing, and that’s when you’ll really start having FUN!

#4 You’re inspiring

Your willingness to give 0 FKS may actually inspire someone to do the same! Don’t believe me?

I’M A PERFECT EXAMPLE! I can’t tell you how many friends and clients have thanked me for the work I do and everything I put out there because it’s helped them have the confidence to finally share themselves and their beautiful art (and sweet dance moves). That is what it’s all about - lifting each other up to be our highest selves.

Lead by example. Others will follow. 🌈

If you knew your movement could inspire someone else to break personal barriers by getting up and dancing and doing what they’ve always dreamed of but never thought possible, would ya do it?

#5 That’s where the MAGIC happens!

Think of your shower dance parties - on fire!? Amiright?

When you let loose and unleash your inner mover and groover, you grow as a dancer and a person. It’s a win all around.

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