I know you...a creative, passionate, awesome human, BUT there's more to you:

The part that wants to be healthier, but has a shortage of energy and motivation to do anything about it...


...and the part that lacks the confidence to let yourself fully shine and live the life you know you know you deserve 


Well friend, Life's too short for that sh*t!


Join me on this journey to connect with yourself in ways you never knew possible, break personal barriers, and live your free-est most bada$$ life - all through the most epic dance party you'll every experience (=


The most inspiring way to reconnect with your body, redefine  your relationship with your physique, and bring some serious play back into your life!!!

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It's a dynamic, all-inclusive program designed to enhance your connection between mind, body & spirit & ignite your passion for movement, so you can have the confidence to fully express yourself & move like you’ve always dreamed of! 
Throughout this 6 week coaching program, you'll be walked through the process of connecting with your body like never before, invigorating your mind - body relationship, supercharging your drive & using movement to elevate your self expression.


Follow Along Dance & Fitness Training Videos, Wellness Workshops, & More

Weekly Group Calls, Community, Accountability & Live Virtual Dance Jam

Weekly Personalized Feedback, Tips & Pointers From Jordan On Your Email Video Submissions

Essential Fun Books, Guides & Planners To Keep You On Track



Emails with epic tipsinspiration, content & vibez


Private MOVE MAKER Facebook Support Group




Finally put an end to the question, "Where do I even start?"


  • I'll walk you through fun and easy movement to shake things up and disrupt your "usual" so you can get un-stuck and start fresh - this time ALL tuned in to your inner badass

  • You'll say buh-bye to your lack of motivationget inspired and become seriously stoked to make moves with our Movement Motive(ation) Method 

  • We'll get you tapped in to your real creative magic and set up for all-star success with your perfect game plan so you're crystal clear on what you want and exactly how to get there so you can crush your goals and start living your dreams!

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Make more YOU time to reconnect with your body through dance

Reconnect with your body through a series of fun, follow along dance & fitness video trainings led by Jordan that are proven to build strength, body awareness & control 


Plan your perfect week with our Busy Body Weekly Schedule & make more YOU time so you can do more of what you WANT to be doing

Select your favorite movement exercises from our library of classes & schedule exactly when you’re going to do them so you stick to it

▲ Create your best week & cultivate your momentum with feedback & support during our weekly virtual Movement Meet Up group call & dance jam 

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Discover your unique style and use that to make working out fun

Discover your unique style with dance-based video exercises led by Jordan that explore & expand your range of free movement & help you connect with your deepest self expression  


Redefine your physique with exciting dance progressions & workout videos that enhance your strength, control, mobility & flexibility  


▲ Start your Free Movement Collection & submit your video submission to receive personalized feedback from Jordan including evaluation, instruction & guidance to help you move forward with major support to get maximum results.

▲ Find out exactly how to care for your busy body with our Self Care For Movers & Groovers & map out your perfect routine with our done for you Self Care Set Up so you feel amazing when you wake up & can keep making moves! 



Learn several different styles of fun, playful dance choreography to keep your movement exciting & leave you always wanting more

Reintroduce playfulness into your life with For Play - our sequence of expressive, video guided dance exercises that develop your distinctive style & help you build trust in yourself & confidence in your movement 

Dance the moves you’ve always wanted to learn to the jamz you love in several styles of fun & funky dance choreography videos led by Jordan that show your versatility & newfound fierceness     


▲ Use our Rockstar Reflections to see where you’re at in your journey & create an exact game plan to continue your progress towards your goals

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Ready to Party



Utilize everything you’ve learned to create your very own concept video

▲ We will teach you how to design, choreograph & star in your very own Move Maker concept music video that our team will then professionally edit for you

▲ You’re going to break barriers by sharing yourself, your story, your progress & the art you’ve created over the past 6 weeks with the rest of your Move Maker Community.


▲ With our Move Mission guide, you'll master the steps to stay motivated, maintain your movement momentum & continue your growth beyond the Move Maker program

There’s never been a better time to put yourself first & do what you’ve always wanted! It’s time to get your body back, energize your spirit & live the life you dream of!

*To keep things as personalized & focused as possible, there are a limited number of spots available. 

Join the Move Maker program - the exact plan to set & achieve your momentum goals & beyond in just 6 weeks!

In just 6 weeks as a Move Maker, you'll

Reconnect with your body & your movement

Increase coordination, body awareness & alignment

Improve balance, control, flexibility, stamina & strength

Develop positive self image & confidence in your movement

Set goals & reinforce accountability

Understand rhythm & musicality

Learn & retain consecutive choreography

Expand upon your unique style

Create the perfect movement momentum plan

Schedule purposeful exercise with mindful implementation

Care for your busy body

Set yourself up for consistent success

Execute your next BIG goal &

Break personal barriers...


Just Imagine

​Having fun AND getting in shape

Eliminating stress & anxiety & bringing joy back into your life

Learning to dance in a variety of exciting new styles  

Improving your diet, exercise & overall health

Falling in love with your body, your strength, your movement & yourself.

Feeling confident, empowered, inspired & motivated

Practicing better self care & improving your quality of life

Belonging to a fierce community & support group of like-minded movers & shakers 

Feeling sassy, in control, & awesome

Living to your fullest expression & having a kick ass time in the process!

Your body & your life, reimagined. It’s time to make moves towards your best self!

Bonuses!!! (Worth $100!)

I looove FREE stuff & I know you do too so I've included a little extra. Ok...A LOT extra.

When it comes to bottom lines, I DON'T MESS AROUND, which is why I'm giving away over $100 worth of goodies because I'm on a freakinn mission to help you make the most of your life (=

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Welcome package with super sweet supplemental goodies

Bonus #1

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Sweet Swag Alert!

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Bonus #2

You'll receive your very own MOVE MAKER gift after completing the program! (Just a little extra incentive to keep ya movin' & for you to wear while you're groovin'!)

PLUS: Throughout your entire journey to epicness you’ll receive inspiration to fuel you, accountability to keep you on track & support to lift you up where you belong through our community & group meetups, emails & social media. 

I started out with no sense of rhythm, no ability to dance and as a result a severe lack of confidence, until I found Move Maker. Jordan has been patient, eager to teach, and created a comfortable and safe environment for something that made me feel extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable. Had I not found Move Maker I would not have the confidence to be able to live out my dreams. I'm so thankful to Jordan for her tenacity and unwillingness to quit on me even when I made things difficult and wanted to walk away from the challenge altogether. I would say Jordan is also a dance therapist in that I've made incredible leaps and bounds to start to feel confident when presenting the dance and choreography I was taught.. not to mention she is a choreographic genius. Anyone would be lucky to work with her and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. 


When I wanted to get support in expanding my ability as a dancer, I was grateful to find Jordan & her Move Maker program.  At 57, I knew it was time to be more committed to what I love and feeds my soul.  So It’s been great to get help with expanding my ability in improvisational danceJordan’s enthusiasm and support has been a joy.  I would recommend anyone who wants to work with an accomplished dancer and teacher to contact Jordan at MyMovementality. Thank you Jordan.


From the first time Jordan called to introduce herself, I knew MyMovementality was going to be perfect for me. Jordan is genuinely warm, open-minded, and caring.  All that on top of being a ridiculously talented dancer! She was never aggressive or intimidating, always listening and trying to figure out how best to help me.  Through visuals and discussion, she figured out things I could do to improve my overall movement along with stretches that were suited for my back problems. During our time together, life had thrown me a few curveballs.  In quick succession, several things in my personal life unexpectedly changed, and I encountered some, at times, debilitating health problems. Through all my concerns and cancellations, she remained in touch and would schedule a lesson whenever I was well enough to participate. During lessons she was always understanding of what I was going through and continued to help me advance even through several setbacks. Jordan continues to be incredibly patient and supportive, even as my life has become more chaotic than ever.  Personally, if I had unlimited time I would take her MyMovementality classes everyday..... probably twice a day!

After each lesson, I always leave with a more positive energy and a skip in my step.  It is impossible for me to say enough good things to ever do Jordan & her Move Maker program justice. She is simply the best!


Move Maker was made for you.

It’s your time to shine, baby! 


There are a limited number of spots available so register today!


Secure your spot in the Move Maker program -

6 weeks to your most fulfilled self!

Imagine finally stepping into what you know you’re capable of and finding fulfillment

Imagine being proud of your body, your Self & your talents.

CHANGE starts from within. CHANGE starts with MOVE MAKER!