The course + virtual group coaching program to unleash your confidence, get fit the fun way, dance like you've always dreamed of & live your fiercest life

I know you...a creative, passionate, awesome human, BUT there's more to you:
The part that lacks the confidence to let yourself fully shine and live the life you know you know you deserve 

...and the part that
wants to be healthier, but has a shortage of energy and motivation to do anything about it...
Well friend, Life's too short for that sh*t!...🙅🏻‍♀️


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The most inspiring way to reconnect with your body, redefine  your relationship with your physique, and bring some serious play back into your life!!! 🌈

Join me, Jordan Wentz - professional dancer & movement therapy coach on this journey to connect with yourself in ways you never knew possible, break personal barriers, and live your free-est most bada$$ life - all through the most epic dance party you'll ever experience 🥳